Environmental Sustainability in Backyard Putting Greens Artificial Golf Turf Commercial Lawns

Environmental Sustainability

EnvyLawn DuraFlow BackingChallenger is one of the most well-known and trusted wholesale manufacturers in the industry and a leader in environmental solutions. Our products are the results of years of R&D, and reflect our desire to offer eco-friendly solutions.

EnvyLawn® is one example of this commitment. This high-performance turf is specially treated to resist the elements and remain green for a lifetime of maintenance free beauty and enjoyment. EnvyLawn is uniquely designed to withstand extreme temperatures in hot, cold, wet and dry climates and stand up to even the heaviest amount of foot traffic. EnvyLawn artificial grass also qualifies for LEED credits.

EnvyLawn products are made with fibers that are lead free and are designed with safety, durability, aesthetics, and environmental sustainability in mind. With proper care, your EnvyLawn can last 10-15 years! That's more than a decade without mowing, watering or fertilizing! And it's 100% recyclable!

Many Challenger products are recyclable… thanks to our unique, all polyolefin DuraFlo backing system. DuraFlo is soft and pliable. It resists contraction and expansion and will not clog like products that use perforations for drainage. The unitary surface helps serve as a weed barrier.

We challenge you to find a better line of environmentally sustainable products.


Environmental Sustainability Details