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Sacramento Fake Grass

Our Sacramento fake grass makes the perfect surface for playgrounds and play areas.

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EnvyLawn’s Sacramento fake grass makes it easy for parents to rest easy knowing their children are playing on the safest artificial turf anywhere. We are the industry’s leading manufacturer of artificial grass, and we’ve added playground flooring to putting greens and artificial lawns as settings where our synthetic turf makes perfect sense. Our playground covering systems can meet fall height ratings up to 12 feet, don’t have the holes and divots of natural grass and will keep your child free of mud and dirt stains. And for those in charge of maintaining playgrounds and play areas our surfaces are a cost effective grass solution.

We’ve worked hard to create a Sacramento artificial turf that is the safest in the industry today. More and more private and public play areas are using our artificial turf including:

  • Commercial playgrounds
  • Commercial landscape
  • Backyard play areas
  • Residential lawns
  • Daycares and schools
  • Parks and common areas
  • Sports fields
  • Golf greens
  • Pet areas
  • And more

EnvyLawn is one of the industry’s most environmentally conscious manufacturers as well, and our Sacramento artificial grass will save you time and money while softening your footprint on the environment.

A soft and forgiving surface such as the kind our astro turf provides allows kids to run, play and be themselves. EnvyLawn has gone the extra mile in making our playground matting and grass the safest it can possibly be, and the feedback we’ve gotten on our playground products has been fantastic! Call today and lets’ discuss your custom installation. 

As parents we are always concerned for the safety of our children, and we’re proud of the work we’ve done in creating the industry’s finest turf in terms of looks, durability and safety. A play area that looks great and allows for the joyful abandon of childhood is a very good thing, and at EnvyLawn we can make it happen.

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