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At EnvyLawn we don’t just set the industry standard for turf, we are also setting the standard for how technical specifications, installation methods and details are created and supplied. Our documents will provide you, your team and the end user with unmatched clarity resulting in greater understanding of your design and elimination of installation errors. These documents are designed to ensure you and your team receive unmatched support from our team and to allow you to spend more time doing what you do best, creating incredible designs for your clients.


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Synthetic grass is perfect for all landscaping options, due to the fact it is so hyper realistic. Curb appeal is critical for any property from residential to commercial. A beautiful and lush green lawn is a great way to make your architectural project stand out. 

Since you don’t have to worry about making sure it has enough water, you’ll never need to think about water restrictions, especially in high heat and drought-prone areas. 

The beauty of synthetic grass will also make your property stand out. EnvyLawn artificial lawn’s look and feel just like natural grass.

Synthetic lawns make for a budget friendly low-cost option that is environmentally friendly and time-saving in the long term. It doesn’t require the same amount of maintenance as a natural lawn. You won’t need to water, fertilize, or mow this beautiful turf. 

It offers ample outdoor space for properties. It won’t get as hot as concrete or asphalt, so you can use it all year. The texture is customizable, making it perfect for commercial use, public projects or private houses. 

It is also great to use in more visually exciting projects. Synthetic turf is fantastic for a green wall, so you can use it indoors and outdoors. You can combine different textures or lengths to create interesting designs. 

Since it drains, there is no need to worry about water getting trapped underneath your artificial lawn. It also means that you won’t have to worry about browning or weeding like you would with natural grass. Artificial grass for architects is perfect to use for a more artistic purpose. You won’t have to worry about your design changing overtime. 

Artificial grass is long-lasting. You can be sure that it will be there as designed with no need for updating for many, many years to come.

How to Use

Architects can use artificial grass in any project where they are interested in incorporating landscaping. Since there is no need to worry about daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal upkeep, it is the best solution for all places. 

It is commonly used in dog runs, public parks, schools, and retail malls because it is so durable. It can easily stand up to high traffic areas. It will look great, regardless of how much use it gets. 

Unlike a natural lawn, you won’t notice it getting worn down or muddy. It is easy to clean with a simple hose down, making it excellent for areas where there will be food, children, or even animals. 

Architects can also use artificial turf in visual projects. It looks impressive on a green wall. It brings a bright pop of nature into any space. It also allows for a green wall to look visually complex. Mixing different colors or lengths of grass can allow for this grass to become art. 

There is no need to worry about allergens or other issues that would usually be present with a natural lawn. It is a fantastic solution for any architect looking for a low-cost landscaping option that will make an impact and still wow the crowds.

Best EnvyLawn Artificial Grass For Architects, Engineers and Designers

  • Comprised of the highest and best grade of components and safety measures throughout the manufacturing process; from tufting, coating, secondary coating, and extrusion
  • Exceptional durability with our backing that allows for breathability and drainage
  • Complete with our manufacturers 15 year transferable warranty
  • Custom design build installations
  • Multi-purpose, allowing for a variety of uses for one area depending on your needs
  • Ideally suited to multiple applications – landscape, golf, pet, playground, rooftops, commercial, poolside, and more
  • Helps prevent erosion by protecting the ground beneath and keeping it in place
  • Water preservation as it does not demand watering like traditional sod lawns
  • Aesthetically pleasing with the ultra-realistic look and feel, staying green year round
  • Fully recyclable 
  • Limited vapors to environment with low to no off gassing when newly installed 
  • Less pollution as there is no need for lawn maintenance and the petrol fuel vapors associated with the lawn mowers and other maintenance tools
  • Limits the use of hazardous chemicals as found with weed killers or harsh fertilizers
  • Extremely low maintenance holding up beautifully regardless of the weather, month, or season
  • Long lasting, durable and holding its beautifully manicured look from day one and able to withstand heavy play, foot traffic and use year after year
  • Environmentally friendly


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