Artificial Grass in Austin, TX

You can get perfect residential or commercial grass year-round from EnvyLawn in Austin, TX. A beautiful artificial grass lawn will save you from the expense, worry and seemingly never ending time-consuming commitment of a traditional lawn.

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The Benefits of Artificial Grass

Traditional grass may look great, but there are better, easier ways to achieve the same look. EnvyLawn has several artificial grass options, with different heights and looks based on the most popular real grasses. We can provide you with the same look and feel as the most perfectly manicured and maintained lawn that stays that way for years to come. No need to hire a crew to tackle lawn care nor struggle with it yourself, with artificial grass your lawn maintains its shape and beautiful aesthetic year after year, season after season.

When EnvyLawn installs your artificial grass, you get a ten-year transferable warranty and excellent customer service. If you choose to move and have to leave your lawn behind, that ten-year warranty and customer service stay with the house and quickly transfer to the new homeowner.

Artificial Grass

Natural lawns can be expensive to maintain. They need to be mowed, watered, and fertilized regularly. With artificial grass in Austin, you never have to worry about the endless cycle of lawn maintenance. You never have to wake up early to mow the lawn before the sun comes up and the temperature rises. You never have to stare out at crunchy brown grass during the winter. EnvyLawn artificial grass stays the same beautiful shade of green every day for many more years to come.

Golf and Putting Greens

No matter what size putting green you are planning we can help, from golf course greens to backyard putting greens. We have the experience and work hard to ensure your putting greens are up to par, knowing full well that the synthetic grass enhances the fun and experience as you play. EnvyLawn synthetic golf greens help set the golf course standard with none of the upkeep of traditional grass courses. Give us a call today to help you custom design your golf grass or putting grass project. We are ready to help you get your golf game going.

Dog and Pet Grass

EnvyLawn’s artificial pet and dog turf drains just like real grass, and requires little in the way of care – simply pick up the solid waste and rinse the lawn occasionally. Pet grass is durable, long lasting and is non-toxic and recyclable. Reducing allergens and dirt to help keep your precious pets safer and more comfortable.

Playground Turf

EnvyLawn playground turf is an excellent choice for residential or commercial playgrounds. Playground turf has better shock absorption than concrete or even regular grass, so children land more softly with the cushioning underlay as it is there to help lessen the impact of rough play, tumbles, spills, trips and falls.
Artificial grass is more sanitary than regular grass, sidewalk, or wood chips. It is easy and quick to clean.

One of the best benefits of installing EnvyLawn on your playground is that artificial grass means fewer pests. While fire ants and other little biting insects thrive in regular grass, there is nowhere to live in artificial grass.

Installing playground turf in Austin means gentler falls for children, easier sanitation, and fewer pests. Artificial grass in Austin is a win for everyone.

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