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Chandler, AZ is a trendy suburb filled with sprawling public parks and golf courses, and residents are now turning to EnvyLawn to bring home a piece of paradise by way of artificial grass. Our artificial grass and synthetic turf products look as beautiful as your favorite green space without the hassle of maintenance or the wasteful practice of watering. 

With artificial grass, you can have a vibrant green lawn, putting green, or playground surface while combating drought in the Arizona desert. With it being nearly impossible to maintain a lush lawn due to scorching summers and dry conditions, EnvyLawn has revolutionized the way Chandler residents enjoy their yards.

Unique Features of EnvyLawn Artificial Grass

We’ll dig deeper into the attractive features of EnvyLawn artificial grass, but before we do, take a look at some of the most notable:

  • All of our products are proudly made in America.
  • We offer a 15-year transferable warranty if you sell your house or business.
  • We manufacture and install in-house. We don’t do any outsourcing!

When you buy from EnvyLawn, you get to choose your landscaping turf in terms of the blade’s length, texture, and color. We want to ensure you can completely customize your lawn to fit your property’s needs and your personal desires and budget. No matter how big or small the space you want to outfit, our experts can design a dreamy landscape.

Cost Effective

Instead of wasting money on landscaping contracts and excessive water bills, EnvyLawn artificial grass only requires an initial investment – then it takes care of itself! Our synthetic grass eliminates the need for spending money on landscapers, maintenance tools, and fuel for lawn equipment. Plus, you’ll notice a lower water bill when you say goodbye to natural grass on your property.


No matter how much foot traffic your lawn endures, EnvyLawn artificial grass will stand the test of time and use. Divots, bald spots, or dead areas won’t form on the grass due to continual use. Kids and dogs can play at leisure without tearing up your immaculate lawn.


Our artificial grass products can be used for countless purposes. Whether you want a small, flawless front lawn for curb appeal or you need a dog run for your doggy daycare facility, our synthetic turf will meet your needs. We have design solutions for you for every budget, idea, and space.

Popular Artificial Grass Applications in Chandler, AZ


Since artificial grass is the only way to have a consistently green lawn in Arizona, EnvyLawn is extremely familiar with recreating residential yards and properties. More and more Arizonans are turning to synthetic products for lawns and landscaping, which includes commercial turf for businesses. We install artificial grass in front and back yards and at hotels, restaurants, and other companies that want to stand out vibrantly.

Golf & Backyard Putting Greens

Chandler residents love playing golf, and although there are countless golf courses to choose from in the area, there’s something special about having your very own putting green. We install luxurious backyard putting greens to suit your golf preferences, so you can practice your skill or entertain your friends and family.

We also install indoor putting greens and various other golf greens options:

  • Basement putting greens for your man cave or entertainment center
  • Commercial indoor greens for businesses and indoor golf simulators
  • Fringe grass to complement your putting green

As you can see, EnvyLawn can do it all when it comes to golf and putting greens. By having us install a putting green in your own yard or facility, it allows you and your guests to practice at convenient times. Where you have the space, we can design a flawless golf green.

Dog & Pet Turf

Pet parents are abundant in Chandler, AZ, but the sweltering summers can mean keeping pets indoors for long periods. Thankfully EnvyLawn pet grass is cool and soft to the touch. Here are several other benefits of our synthetic dog grass:

  • Made with EnvyFiber, which is our durable pet turf yarn. It prevents digging and provides traction for running.
  • Quick draining to avoid rain build-up of urine odors.
  • Temperature control built-in to the EnvyFiber to keep your pet’s paws safe during hot Arizona summers.

Our pet grass is not only used for Chandler homes but also for businesses! Groomers, doggy daycares, and pet boarding facilities are taking advantage of our turf for various uses.

Playground Surfacing

There are plenty of residential and public parks in Chandler, and our playground surfacing is transforming the way kids play. We don’t want parents to worry about their child’s safety on the playground, which is why our specialized surfacing is padded. Rather than using sand, wood chips, or recycled rubber materials, EnvyLawn synthetic turf won’t cause abrasions on the skin or induce infections. Since our artificial grass for playgrounds doesn’t require fertilizers or treatment chemicals, it’s automatically a safer choice for kids than alternative surfacing options.

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