Artificial Grass Installation in Germantown, MD

Living on the beautiful East Coast has quite a few perks -- but the area is also known for its humid air and rainy conditions. In cities like Germantown, artificial turf can be less work to take care of than real grass.

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While natural lawns usually get plenty of water to stay healthy and green, a long streak of wet days can create a lot of mud for kids and pets to track into the house.

If you’ve struggled with a muddy, waterlogged yard, converting to artificial grass in Germantown might be an excellent solution for you. Making such a significant change might seem intimidating at first, but you’ll end up with a lawn that is easier to care for, safer to play on, and can last for years.


You and your family may enjoy having a synthetic turf yard. Some of the many benefits of artificial grass in Germantown are:

  • A hassle-free, low maintenance yard
  • Quick-draining turf that doesn’t get soggy when it rains
  • Grass that stays green and fresh-looking year-round
  • Simple pet waste cleanup
  • Clean and ideal for kids and pets to play on
  • Long-lasting fun for the household

EnvyLawn is an artificial turf company based in the USA. They manufacture and install their own products, the company’s expert team members are ready to help guide you through choosing the grass that meets your needs. They offer several synthetic grass lines for home landscaping, mini-golf, play areas, and dog parks. EnvyLawn also offers a 10-year transferable warranty on their home turf products.


If you’re from Germantown, you’re used to getting higher-than-average rainfall for the continental USA. All that water needs somewhere to drain so that your lawn doesn’t turn into a field of mud. With EnvyLawn’s artificial grass options, you can rest easy knowing that excess rainfall will drain away, keeping your lawn looking its best. Less dirt also means less mess for kids and dogs who like to play outside.


Golfers in Germantown need to know that they can count on EnvyLawn to install  smooth, consistent putting greens that won’t warp or divot with excess moisture. Choosing an artificial turf such as EnvyLawn’s EnvyGolf Putting Green line means your personal putting green or mini-golf setup stays in top playing condition, no matter the weather.


When your dog goes outside to use the restroom, it needs a clean, sanitary area to do its business. Especially when you live in Germantown, your pet deserves a yard space that stays dry and won’t flood with rainwater or waste. EnvyLawn offers EnvyPet — a superior pet and dog grass for Germantown that includes extra drainage, reduces odors, and is easy to clean up so that the whole family can enjoy a clean, fresh yard.


Artificial grass in Germantown is especially crucial for play areas. Our EnvyPlay synthetic turf eliminates slick, muddy conditions, helping kids play safely, and the human-made material stays clean and sanitary. EnvyLawn offers playground turf solutions for daycares, school play areas, open spaces, and private yards.

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