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If you’re curious about how we manufacture artificial grass at EnvyLawn, we discuss it step by step here! What makes our synthetic grass so beautiful, strong, and appealing is that we oversee the entire manufacturing, design, and installation process. As a result, we have such a high level of control with our hands-on approach over every aspect of the manufacturing of our artificial turf, and we can ensure it is always made to the highest quality right here in the USA.

Our Expert Manufacturing Process For Creating Synthetic Grass

  1. To begin the process of manufacturing artificial turf, we use clear resin pellets as a base material. These are then mixed with green pellets to create a lush green color and UV stabilizer to ensure that the fibers stand up to years of sun and heat without degrading. Once these components are thoroughly mixed to ensure uniformity and color consistency, they are moved over to extrusion. 
  2. In extrusion, we utilize advanced machinery to melt and shape these pellets into green strands. Rollers stretch them so that the synthetic strands become as thin as regular grass. The strands are then cooled and solidified. During this process, the synthetic fibers become resilient and are set into the ideal structure for synthetic turf.
  3. After this, spools roll up fibers until they are full. Several spools are then unwound at a time, with their fibers coming together to form a synthetic multi-layered yarn. This yarn is then wound up together by a big spool.
  4. Next, the multi-layered synthetic threads travel to a tufting machine further down the production line, which is essentially a jumbo sewing machine. Needles on this tufting machine are then used to punch the artificial fibers through the fabric backing. This machine makes hundreds of stitches per minute. Underneath these stitches, small knives work to cut the synthetic yarn so that it takes the shape of blades of grass.
  5. Once an inspector has ensured that the synthetic grass fibers are even, they are then sent on a machine to a coating roller, which applies an adhesive coating to the backing of the synthetic turf. This completely binds the synthetic grass blades into the backing. 
  6. After the coating has been applied, a temperature-controlled dryer works to cure it. Then once the coating has dried, the artificial turf has holes burnt into it by hot pins, which is what makes it permeable to water and quick draining.
  7. Upon this being completed, inspectors check the artificial grass to make sure it looks as ideal as possible. Fibers are measured, and loose bits are removed. A special device is also used to confirm the toughness of the synthetic grass.
  8. When the synthetic turf needs to be installed, a rubber base is put down, and the turf is added on top of it. Sand is then distributed throughout the artificial turf in order to add weight and help the grass blades stand up straight for optimal appearance.

In Summary: The Artificial Grass Manufacturing Process

The whole manufacturing process begins with plastic pellets being melted and shaped into strands that resemble the thickness of regular grass. These strands are then coiled and sent to a giant sewing machine with a fabric backing. The sewing machine then punches the synthetic threads into the fabric backing. Once this is done, a coating is then added to the back of the artificial turf to lock the fibers in. The artificial turf then gets sent to a dryer, where the adhesive dries. Meanwhile, hot pins poke holes into the fake grass to give it its water permeability. A final inspection is then done to ensure perfection.

Why You Should Use EnvyLawn

At EnvyLawn, we take pride in being a leader in the artificial grass industry. We serve clients throughout the world and are known for creating synthetic grass that is both strong and looks fantastic. What enables us to have such an excellent reputation is that our business is vertically integrated. This means that from the manufacturing process to installation, we handle all of it. Because every aspect of our manufacturing, design, and installation is within our control and overseen, we can create the highest quality artificial grass possible. 

Besides our synthetic turf being of the highest quality, there are other reasons why EnvyLawn is the best choice for you. Our artificial grass is made to be environmentally friendly, kid-friendly, and pet friendly. Also, it requires very little upkeep, meaning that once it is installed, you’ll be saving money by not needing to water it, fertilize it, or hire a gardener to take care of it. In addition, the durability of our artificial turf ensures that it will maintain its beautiful look for many years to come, no matter the weather conditions or how many people walk on it. As a final benefit, our artificial grass is made in America, so you are helping the US economy by buying from us.
So if you’re interested in getting your very own artificial grass lawn, contact us here, and one of our knowledgeable and pleasant staff will be happy to assist you.


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