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New York is known for its very temperate weather. Seasonal shifts from harsh heat and cold, make traditional lawn care difficult causing many people to seek out EnvyLawn artificial grass in New York to achieve a lush, beautiful lawn that requires little to no maintenance. Synthetic lawns are a luxurious solution and are well suited to city living.

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If you live in a city with extreme changes in weather like New York, yet you want the luxury of a beautiful lawn, then our artificial grass manufacturing and installation services at EnvyLawn will suit your needs. We offer environmentally-friendly products made in the USA and offer a ten-year transferable warranty for new homeowners.

In regions that have harsh summers and winters, you can benefit significantly from artificial grass year-round. Your lawn will stay green all the time, and won’t dry up due to heat, nor will it become muddy as the snow melts. It’s easy to care for and helps you save on landscaping, gardening and water costs. Our durable artificial grass also helps keep your kids and pets safe.


For people living in a temperate region, like New York, artificial grass can add value and beautiful aesthetics to your home. During hot and humid summers, you can preserve water and save money on outside maintenance.

Our artificial grass in New York is durable and crafted from eco-friendly material that maintains its strength in all weather conditions. In the winter, its durability can withstand snow and offers efficient drainage. Our artificial grass is also ideal if you have limited yard space.


New York has many golfers that find it challenging to get to the golf course every day and if you are wanting a hassle-free solution we can help you install a putting green in your backyard that requires little to no maintenance. We can even outfit you with course golf greens depending on how much space you have to work with. No job is too large or too small; contact our helpful team of experts and we will help you design a custom artificial golf green and putting green of your dreams.

Our putting greens require little in the way of maintenance as they don’t need to be cut regularly like natural grass. EnvyLawn artificial putting greens in New York can withstand any dry or icy weather due to its durable material.  EnvyLawn can provide you with synthetic golf greens and putting greens for your home or business.


For urban pet owners, we want a suitable environment for our pets to enjoy. Many New York homes, kennels, and dog parks utilize synthetic dog and pet grass for their facilities. Its ability to help maintain sterile areas for your dogs to play on, is desirable in keeping your pets clean and safe.

By installing dog and pet grass, dogs are less likely to dig up dirt and holes. Further making it difficult for pests to spread lowering the risk of flea and tick-borne diseases. Dog and pet grass in New York is perfect for draining liquid quickly and is easy to rinse. Maintenance is just a quick pick up of solid waste and then a rinse with the hose as needed.


EnvyLawn In New York, offers sturdy playground turf that is durable and long-lasting, providing your children with the promise of a safer play experience.

Our team of experts will help you custom design, build and install your artificial playground turf. Our synthetic playground turf makes it less likely for a child to get hurt due to its padding. Playground turf in New York also works for commercial play centers, day cares, public spaces and for families that have backyards or even an indoor playground.

Imagine no grass stains, dirt or debris being tracked in or staining clothes. With our synthetic playground turf you don’t have to worry about your kids making a mess when they play.

Easy to clean and free from mud and bugs, kids can have fun on sturdy EnvyLawn playground turf any time of the year.

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