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At EnvyLawn, our goal is to make your landscaping dreams in Oakland, CA a reality with our artificial grass and turf products. We want your home or business to be the best looking on the block, and with artificial grass, you can have that without the maintenance that generally accompanies traditional lawns.

As a drought-stricken state, California struggles to keep the environment green and healthy. Many people living in Oakland, CA are transitioning to artificial grass to have a flawless lawn while doing their part to conserve water. EnvyLawn turf products allow you to have a lush, vibrant landscape without adding to water shortages.

Uses for Artificial Grass in Oakland, CA

Artificial grass is ideal for many different environments in Oakland, CA, including residential lawns, playgrounds, or golf facilities. Some of our most popular applications are pet and dog turf for yards and landscaping for homes and businesses. 

At EnvyLawn, we custom fit our artificial grass turf for homes and businesses to transform roof, deck, and patio spaces, as well as typical back and front yards. Our ultimate goal is to make your green dreams a reality, and we can make sure you have the best-looking landscape on the block. Even without any maintenance, artificial grass from EnvyLawn will truly be the envy of your neighbors.

Putting Green Installation

California has some of the most beautiful golf courses globally, and with EnvyLawn putting green turf, you can take a piece of it home with you. By having a putting green installed at your home, you can practice your golf game at your convenience. 

EnvyLawn doesn’t just offer backyard putting greens – wherever you have open space, we can provide specialized solutions for an artificial grass putting green that will exceed your expectations. This includes business facilities, apartment complexes, and commercial venues. 

Pet & Dog Grass

With artificial grass from EnvyLawn, you no longer have to worry about brown stains on your lawn. Our pet grass drains and cleans up quickly, and the only necessary maintenance is an occasional spray with a hose. 

Additionally, when using artificial pet and dog grass, you don’t have to fret about using pet-friendly pesticides or lawn chemicals. Your turf will look beautiful without toxic grass treatments, so your pets can play safely. It’s also sanitary and odor-free, eliminating a smelly yard.

Playground Turf

It’s challenging to prevent the risk of injury for kids enjoying a playground, but ensuring the ground is soft with EnvyLawn cushioned artificial turf is a good place to start. Having a soft surface around your child’s play area is crucial, and our turf is an outstanding option to increase safety while adding visual appeal.

Neighborhood parks, schools, and homeowners are all appreciating the benefits of EnvyLawn playground turf in Oakland, CA. Our inventory has extensive options for residential and commercial playground surface applications. EnvyLawn has been in the artificial grass business for over 30 years, and our playground turf is a staple of parks, communities, and schools around the country. 

Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass

in Oakland, CA

The primary benefit of having artificial grass installed is the lack of maintenance required to keep it green and immaculate all year round. The essential chores of mowing, seeding, and watering are eliminated. Once synthetic turf is installed, it’ll look amazingly flawless for years to come.

Another benefit is the water you save by not having to water a natural grass lawn. California is suffering from a remarkable drought, but you can do your part in water conservation by transitioning to artificial grass. Maintain curb appeal without sacrificing greenery and water by getting turf from EnvyLawn.

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