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Orlando weather is humid and subtropical which can often lead to muddy lawns that are difficult to maintain. When compared with a traditional lawn, artificial grass has superior drainage which will significantly reduce muddy lawns.

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All EnvyLawn products are proudly made in the United States of America.


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Artificial turf installed by EnvyLawn looks and feels just like natural grass, and has that just trimmed and manicured look at all times — without the cost of maintenance and potentially unsafe pesticides.


EnvyLawn offers Orlando residents luxurious lawns made from artificial grass. At EnvyLawn, our dedicated team designs and installs artificial grass to custom fit your yard or space. Our products are manufactured in the USA and we  offer a ten-year transferable warranty for new homeowners which will also increase the value of your home.

Artificial turf will not leave brown patches or dry out during the hottest months. It retains its green appearance all year long. Our grass is made with durable material and is safe for kids and pets.


Our artificial grass in Orlando is crafted to suit the hot and wet weather conditions and preserves its appearance throughout the year. The grass won’t dry out during scorching summers and won’t saturate mud and water when heavy rainstorms pass by.

We make our artificial grass from durable and eco-friendly materials that can withstand any weather in your region.


If you’ve ever dreamed of having a backyard putting green, though have been hesitant about the cost or time commitment of maintenance due to the Orlando weather conditions — you may consider an artificial putting green by EnvyLawn.

When it rains, mud won’t build up on the putting greens and make your game messy. When it gets hot and dry, it won’t dry up and become brown from intense exposure. No matter what the weather, your putting greens in Orlando will always stay luxuriously green.


Orlando’s pet owners benefit significantly by having dog and pet grass. Our durable dog grass does not leave behind dirt for your dogs to dig through and won’t produce mud due to its drainage. Since the grass is easy to clean, pesticides and bugs won’t be present in the grass we make and can help keep your pets healthy.

Even during the year’s driest and hottest times, the dog and pet grass stays fresh and green. Many kennels and dog parks thrive because of this grass. We make our grass with sturdy, eco-friendly materials.


EnvyLawn’s playground turf withstands all types of weather in commercial playgrounds, parks or backyard playgrounds. It stays green all year and won’t dry out in the heat and won’t produce mud when it rains.

The playground turf in Orlando is created with durable, eco-friendly materials, which reduces your child’s chances of getting hurt when they play. It’s easy to clean and won’t attract insects due to its non-organic state.

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