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Artificial Grass Installation In Portland, OR

Artificial grass installation is ideal for any home or business in Portland, OR, with warm summers and wet winters. With picture-perfect artificial grass from EnvyLawn, you can not only get the most out of your outdoor experience but get many other benefits as well. Whether our synthetic grass is installed in the backyard, or a commercial property, playground, or another location, there are numerous advantages to be accrued. Call us to see how artificial turf can benefit your home or business in Portland, Oregon.

Artificial Grass for Residential Homeowners

EnvyLawn’s artificial grass is a dream for many homeowners to have installed on their yard, replacing their tired old sod lawn. Lush artificial grass is always evergreen, and the beautiful look is pleasant to behold. If you can picture immaculate looking grass that you see in the movies, that is what our synthetic grass resembles. And besides its incredible visual appeal, our turf is excellent and can maintain its appearance with minimal maintenance. And because it is resistant to wear-and-tear from footsteps and rain, as well as color fading effects from UV rays, it keeps its eye-catching beauty. Additionally, our residential turf is simple to take care of, as it never needs to be clipped, watered, trimmed, or enriched. In other words, our turf eliminates the chores associated with regular grass, which results in significant time savings.

Artificial Putting Greens

If you live in Portland, OR, and enjoy golfing, then our artificial putting greens are perfect for you. With the installation of your new artificial golf greens being installed in your backyard, you’ll have the option to play a few holes of golf whenever you feel like doing so. The golf turf made by us is high quality, too, as it resembles the putting greens and golf grass used by the professionals on the PGA circuit. Additionally, our putting green turf is incredibly durable, as it is able to shrug off golf swings, missed swings, and footsteps, which can distort traditional sod over time. Our golf turf is also fully customizable and can be made according to your particular style, or skill level is.

Artificial Pet Turf & Dog Grass

Our artificial pet turf and dog grass are great for both pets and their owners. Because it has a very similar feel to regular grass, dogs will enjoy their new play area. The turf is not only completely safe for dogs to run around on, but it is non-abrasive, too, making it comfortable to run, sit, lay and play on. And pet owners will enjoy the low maintenance and beautiful aesthetics of the artificial grass lawn.

Rainwater is not a worry, and muddy paws will become a thing of the past with our dog grass. Because our pet turf drains water quickly from rainy weather, puddles won’t form on the artificial grass lawn. So owners don’t have to fear their dog being let outside, jumping into a mud puddle, and then galloping through the house. 

Our pet and dog turf is also easily able to resist dogs trying to dig through it. In addition, the pet turf is made to be highly durable; this strength and durability also gives an element of security, as dogs won’t be able to dig underneath it to escape yards.

Commercial Artificial Grass

Our commercial artificial grass can be an excellent investment if you’re a business owner in Portland, OR. When it comes to attracting and retaining customers, the impression that your business gives off is critical. A natural grass lawn can succumb to the heat, resulting in unsightly dry patches. These can affect the business’ overall image and reputation. Commercial artificial grass, with its beautiful appearance, creates a positive impression. And on top of being beautiful, commercial turf saves business owners time and money, as it doesn’t require all the time and attention that traditional sod does. Therefore, business owners will have more time to focus on running their business. Whether our synthetic turf is used for businesses, schools, or as playground turf, it is an investment that pays off throughout the long life of the artificial grass turf.

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