Fescue Elite


Corner photo of Envylawn's Fescue Elite Turf
Close up of Envylawn's Fescue Elite Artificial Grass
Fiber Type 100% POLYETHYLENE
Fiber Mass (denier) 10000/5000
Fiber Shape DIAMOND
Thatch Zone Yarn & Color TXT PP/PE THATCH
Tufted Pile Height* 2.0 in
Finished Face Weight* 80.0 oz
Tufting Gauge 3/8 in
Primary Backing 9.1 oz K29 stabilized multi-layered woven polypropylene with Action Bac.
Secondary Backing 18.0 oz EnvyFlo®
Total Weight* 107.1 oz
Tufted Roll Width 15 ft
Face Fiber Colors SUMMER BLEND
Infill Recommended Yes
Tuft Bind > 8 lbs ASTM D1335
Flammability (Pill Test) Pass ASTM D2859
Flammability (Critical Radiant Flux) Pass ASTM E648
Lead Levels Compliant ASTM F1765
ADA Wheelchair Accessibility Pass ASTM F1951
Class A Fire Rating N/A
Hic & Fall Attenuation Pass ASTM F1292
Water Permeability (Surface Drain) > 750 in/hr ASTM F1551
Applications Landscape, Playground, Rooftop, Pet

*Manufacturing specifications are subject to a variance of +/- 5% for Face Weights and +/- .125” for Pile Heights.
EnvyLawn is not responsible for typing errors on specifications listed above.