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If you are searching for artificial grass in Sacramento, consider the impressive artificial grass designed and installed by EnvyLawn. Save time, money and the environment with hyper realistic artificial grass installed in your backyard or commercial space.

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If you’re ready to have perfectly green grass through every season of the year, EnvyLawn can help. We offer artificial grass in Sacramento, California in many different blade lengths and types. Whether you’re looking to install playground turf, golf greens, or a traditional lawn, artificial grass can work for the whole family, even pets!

EnvyLawn manufactures and installs all of our American-made artificial grass solutions that are custom designed and installed to fit your specific needs.

Artificial Grass

Artificial turf is an affordable solution and needs little to no maintenance to keep it looking brilliant. Our synthetic grass maintains it’s perfectly trimmed and manicured look year round. With no dependence on weather conditions, soil chemistry or sunshine availability. It simply is beautiful for years and years. You’ll save water, skip fertilizing and mowing for good. Most clients who chose to install artificial grass find that they recoup the installation cost in a short amount of time because of all of the labor and water savings and reduction in maintenance costs.

Putting Greens

Synthetic putting greens maintain the PGA tour worthy look year round, EnvyLawn makes maintaining perfect greens and lush greens easy with little to no maintenance.

Our expert team can help you select the right height and location for your golf green. Once installed, you’ll enjoy years of your very own luxurious synthetic putting greens and golf greens in Sacramento. There are no alternatives that are as easy as an EnvyLawn artificial grass golf green. Even in the winter or the summer heat, just like the pros you will have perfect golf green to practice and play on.

Dog & Pet Grass

You might be planning on installing traditional grass to meet the needs of your pet. However installing artificial dog and pet grass can meet your pet’s needs without all the hassles of regular grass.

Just like regular grass, our artificial turf options drain extremely well. No matter which grass option you choose, your new turf will carry away liquid pet waste without any extra effort on your part. Other types of pet waste won’t cause any damage to your new lawn. There’s no buildup of debris, the turf is easy to clean and non-toxic.

While dogs and other pets accustomed to regular grass might require a short adjustment period, most pets don’t have a problem with artificial grass. Call the experts at EnvyLawn to see how your family could benefit from installing dog and pet grass in Sacramento, California. You’ll love the ease of an artificial lawn, and your pet won’t be able to tell the difference.

Playground Turf

Children’s safety is a priority to you and for everyone here at EnvyLawn. With the installation of your EnvyLawn playground turf in Sacramento, CA; the children experience all the benefits of natural grass. Meanwhile upon installation we have done our work to eliminate some of the unwanted side effects it brings.

Artificial turf has better shock absorption than grass, which typically results in reduced injuries for children who may fall. EnvyLawn’s synthetic turf offerings also do not attract insects and bugs like traditional lawns do. Additionally, an EnvyLawn playground turf will not inspire allergens in the warmer months that weeds and lawns do.

EnvyLawn’s artificial turf is the perfect choice for playgrounds, both at home and in commercial areas. Playground turf is non-toxic, easy to install, easy to clean, and requires minimal maintenance.

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