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Silicon Valley, CA, is known for hot scorching summers and rainy winters, and EnvyLawn has gorgeous artificial grass solutions to replace the hassle of maintaining a traditional lawn in these conditions. Our superior synthetic turf is a wise investment that can improve the value and appearance of your home or business. 

Why Choose EnvyLawn

EnvyLawn provides premier artificial grass installation services in Silicon Valley, CA. Our staff is dedicated to delivering luxuriously green lawns without the hassles of maintenance. To do so, we offer high-quality synthetic grass with various textures, blade lengths, and colors to help ensure it fits your space perfectly. Our preferred artificial grass products are American-made and also come with an industry-leading warranty. 

At EnvyLawn, our artificial grass installation experts are here to help you achieve the lawn of your dreams. We are always willing to answer your questions and address any concerns. Contact us today to learn more or develop a tailored solution to meet your surfacing needs in Silicon Valley, California!

Benefits of Artificial Grass

It is hard to overstate the benefits of switching to artificial turf from EnvyLawn. In short, our synthetic grass does not take much effort to maintain, looks and feels like traditional grass, and does not require you to waste money on consistent landscaping services. With it on your residential or commercial property, things like routine seeding, watering, chemical treatments, and mowing are a thing of the past. And since you do not have to use chemicals to make our artificial grass look great, it is also an environmentally-friendly surfacing alternative.

So why not switch to synthetic turf that looks amazing throughout the year, stands up to the elements, resists fading underneath the summer sunlight, and can withstand heavy usage? 

Specialized Types of Artificial Grass Products

At EnvyLawn, we offer multiple types of synthetic grass that suit a variety of environments and needs. Check out some of our most popular synthetic turf options that are readily available for purchase and installation in Silicon Valley, CA:

Residential Artificial Grass

In Silicon Valley, CA, the hot summers can stress traditional grass lawns, causing them to look far from their best. Fortunately, at EnvyLawn, we have a solution: our residential artificial lawns. They not only eliminate the problem of worn, brown, patchy lawns. But our synthetic lawns are also much less time-consuming, help conserve water, and can potentially enhance the value of your home.

Pet Grass

Investing in our artificial pet grass is an amazing choice if you have a dog or another type of pet in your home. Our pet turf is incredibly durable, making it more resistant to furry friends that like to dig. And thanks to its quick-draining capabilities, it is also easier to keep it clean and smelling fresh, which is crucial when you are trying to combat foul odors from pet waste. 

Playground Turf

No matter if you need a playground for a child care center, indoor play area, backyard, or home daycare, at EnvyLawn, we provide superior surfacing for playgrounds. The benefits of our turf surpass other common play surfaces, such as wood chips and sand. This is because our artificial playground turf is highly durable and requires very little maintenance. It is also safer for children of all ages to play on due to its padded underlayment.

Putting Greens

There are many top-notch golf courses throughout Silicon Valley, California. However, any of these courses could be improved upon with our easy-to-maintain, drought-friendly artificial golf grass. It is beautiful, requires little upkeep, helps conserve water, resists club swings and foot traffic, and is fully optimized for the sport. 
Our synthetic golf grass is also ideal for backyard putting greens. Why waste time traveling to a course to practice your short game when you can practice or play whenever you feel like in your own backyard? Contact us today to learn more about our superior artificial grass putting greens!

Commercial Synthetic Grass

Artificial grass thrives in commercial applications because it can withstand constant foot traffic and provide consistent green beauty. This dependability has made it popular with office parks, retail stores, playgrounds, parks, shopping malls, and more throughout Silicon Valley, CA. So if you need grass for commercial spaces, choose our commercial artificial turf! Its durability is unmatched, and it needs little to no maintenance throughout its long life. 

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EnvyLawn is a premier artificial grass supplier and installer serving homes and businesses throughout Silicon Valley, CA. Contact us today for a quote, or schedule a free consultation and learn more about how our synthetic turf solutions can benefit you and your property!

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